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The Juliana Theory Information
The Juliana Theory
'The Juliana Theory' is an indie, emo, and post hardcore quintet from Greensburg and Latrobe, Pennsylvania in 1997 by Brett Detar (a former guitarist for Zao and Pensive) and Chad Alan. Joshua Fielder originally played with Dawson High. When Dawson High went on an indefinite hiatus, he joined The Juliana Theory full time.
Contrary to popular belief, The Juliana Theory doesn't have a significance to their name.
Detar recently started his own label affiliated with Rykodisc called Paper Fist (in reference to The Juliana Theory song, To The Tune of 5000 Screaming Children). He also did a side project with Chris Evenson of Sense Field called Belasana and released a song called "Bittersweet Eve" on Maybe This Christmas Tree. Detar is a big fan of Mario Lemieux and the Pittsburgh Penguins.
The Juliana Theory is sponsored by ESP Guitars, and their guitarists plays on Bogner combo amps.
Band members
Current members
*Brett Detar - vocals, occasional guitars, programming
*Chad Alan - bass, backing vocals
*Joshua Fiedler - guitars
*Joshua Kosker - guitars, backing vocals
*Josh "Chip" Walters - drums
Former members
*Neil Hebrank - drums
Discography of Juliana Theory
*The Juliana Theory/Dawson High Split (1998)
*Understand This Is A Dream (1999)
*Emotion Is Dead (2000)
*The Juliana Theory/Onelinedrawing/Grey AM Three Way Split (2000)
*Music From Another Room [EP] (2001)
*Love (2003)
*Live 10.13.2001 (2003)
*Deadbeat Sweetheartbeat (2005)