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Remy Shand Information
Remy Shand
'Remy Shand' (born in 1978 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) (part Italian) is a Canadian R&B/soul singer. His wife (since 2001) is Maiko Watson, a singer from the now-defunct girl group Sugar Jones, who were featured on Global's Popstars.
Since the age of 12 Remy Shand had learned to play the guitar and acuistic bass. At a young age while most people his age during the 1980's and 1990's were influenced by early hip hop and pop music such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, his father was into soul. Remy says that instead his father influenced and exposed Remy into R&B soul such as Steely Dan, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, Herbie Hancock and Stevie Wonder. During his home schooling in Vancouver he had barged and searched for his parent™s R&B, blues and soul albums, spending allot of time in his basement sampling old retro music. Remy's funk sense of music typically made him an outcast from outsiders who did not share his passion. The soul styling music of Remy Shand is considered and labeled by some as 'Neo-Soul' (Neo soul similar to an updated version of the previous R&B soul music styling).
By the age of 19 his own tracks which would eventually assemble The Way I Feel, featuring songs such as "The Colour of the Day" and "I Met Your Mercy," are a few examples of the genre of Neo Soul. Remy says his track Everlasting was his sort of the blueprint towards "The Way I feel" content being the oldest track made in 1999(?). It took Shand 4 years to find a prominent record deal, fortunately Universal Music Canada had signed Remy to a record deal following Motown Records in the United States. Remy being a songwriter and musician after 4 hard years of finding a deal eventually paid off as he recorded and released in his debut album 'The Way I feel' released on March 12, 2002.
Unfortunately for Remy Shand's genre of musical style some critics felt his music did not fit in to modern day R&B criteria despite his biggest hit "Take a Message". For the most part Remy could be called a unique 'pioneer' of the 1970's old soul artistic representation brought back for the 2000's generation.
* "Rocksteady" (2002)(?)
* "The Way I Feel" (2002)
* "Take a Message" (2002)
* The Way I Feel (2001)