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Pretty Ricky Information
Pretty Ricky
'Pretty Ricky' is an African American R&B "boy band" from Miami, Florida. The band is comprised of four brothers, Corey "Slick'em" Mathis, 20, Diamond "Baby Blue" Smith, 21, "Spectacular" Smith, 19, and Marcus "Pleasure" Cooper, 21. Their debut album, BlueStars, was released on May 17, 2005 and features the hit U.S. top ten single, "Grind With Me". In 2005, Pretty Ricky joined other R&B/hip-hop acts including Bow Wow and Omarion on the Scream 4 Tour.
The bands success earned them an American Music Award nomination as well as 2 World Music Award nominations, including World's Best-Selling R&B Group.
*2005: Bluestars #16 US (Gold)
Members Slick 'Em, Spectacular, and Baby Blue were once known as the Maverix, alongside Prettie Rickie Rickie back in 1997. They released Miami-hit songs like Flossin', So Fresh So Clean, and La La La. Due to legal disputes, Slick, Spec, and Blue decided to drop the name "Maverix" and their band mate, Prettie Rickie Rickie, and added their brother Marcus (Pleasure) and later called themselves "Pretty Ricky."
'Year' 'Title' 'Chart positions' 'Album'
US Hot 100 US R&B/Hip-Hop US Rap UK Singles Chart
2005 "Grind With Me" #4 #6 #2 #26 Bluestars
2005 "Your Body" #12 #22 #5 - Bluestars
2005 "Nothing But A Number" - -